Download Mako Server for Raspberry Pi

The Mako Server for the Raspberry Pi model B enables developers to design home automation systems, fast and power efficient network attached storage devices (using the WebDAV server), and to run general websites on the Raspberry Pi.

Device Management with Raspberry Pi
  1. Download the Mako Server for Raspberry Pi directly to your Raspberry Pi as follows:
  2. Unzip by running the command
    tar xvzf mako.raspberrypi.tar.gz
  3. Optionally copy the file mako and to /usr/bin/
    sudo cp mako /usr/bin/
  4. Read the getting started guide


The following commands enable you to quickly download and run the tutorials. Copy the following and paste into a Raspberry Pi terminal window.

cd;mkdir mako;cd mako; wget; tar xzf mako.raspberrypi.tar.gz;rm mako.raspberrypi.tar.gz; ./