Mako Server Manual and Tutorial

Keep in mind that the Mako Server is developed by using the Barracuda Application Server library and provides the same Lua programming API as the Barracuda Application Server. The complete Barracuda Application Server manual is included in the download below.

Lua Server Pages Tutorial

The tutorials include:

  • HTML Forms and LSP for Beginners:
    In this tutorial, we look into the basics of server side web scripting and how you can use HTML forms for sending data from the browser to the server.

  • Ajax For Beginners:
    This tutorial provides a working example for the RTC Magazine article App Servers and Lua Scripting Speed Rich Web Applications for Small Devices.

  • Dynamic Navigation Menu:
    Most web applications include more than one page and it is common to include a menu either on the top of each page or on one side of each page. This tutorial gives you a practical introduction in designing your server side powered web application's theme and navigation menu.

  • Send e-mails using the SMTP library

  • Create high-level secure socket applications using the high-level socket library.

  • Use the HTTP client library for M2M communication

  • WebSocket for Beginners

  • An HTML5 Pac-Man game running in a browser and controlled via a telnet client.

Downloading and getting started with the tutorials

Note: the Mako Server download includes a script that automates downloading, unpacking, and running the tutorials. You can use this script to download and run the tutorials or you can follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the ZIP file (includes Barracuda App Server Documentation)
  2. Unzip in the same directory you installed the Mako Server
  3. Load all tutorials as follows:
    ./mako \

Online Tutorials

A copy of the Lua tutorials are available online.