Download Mako Server for Mac

The Mako Server for Mac enables developers to quickly test the server on any Mac computer while providing a fast and easy to use application server.

  1. Download the Mako Server for Mac x86 (64 bit) to your Mac computer.
  2. Unzip by running the command:
    unzip chmod +x mako
  3. Optionally copy the file mako and to /usr/local/bin/
    sudo cp mako /usr/bin/
  4. Read the included readme file and the getting started guide

Warning Malware!

That is what OS X Catalina will tell you if you follow the instructions above. This is a false positive! We can guarantee that there is no malware in Mako Server. The simplest way to bypass this on Catalina is to use the following download instructions. Simply copy the instructions below and paste into a Terminal window.

cd ~ mkdir mako cd mako curl -o unzip rm

After running the above, we recommend installing Mako Server as follows (type these commands):

sudo mkdir /usr/local/bin/ #if not already created sudo mv mako /usr/local/bin/

When the above commands are executed and assuming you are still in directory ~/mako, run the tutorials as follows:

mako -l::tutorial/