Download Mako Server for BeagleBoard

The Mako Server for BeagleBoard enables developers to design and run advanced server side web applications on BeagleBone and BeagleBoard.

Device Management with BeagleBoard
  1. Download the Mako Server for BeagleBoard directly to your BeagleBoard and unpack as follows:
    wget tar xvzf mako.beagle.tar.gz
  2. Optionally copy the file mako and to /usr/bin/
    cp mako /usr/bin/
  3. Read the included readme file and the getting started guide

BeagleBone Black Set-Up Instructions

The following are step by step instructions for new users of the BeagleBone Black. The instructions are divided into two parts: 1) Getting the Board Online and 2) Downloading and running the Mako Server Tutorials.

Part I. Getting the Board Online

  1. Disregard any instructions that came with the board.
  2. Open your browser and navigate to your router's web interface. Your router's address is typically
  3. Locate the page that lists all DHCP clients.
  4. Plug the BeagleBone Black into your network by connecting it to one of your router's available Ethernet ports.
  5. Power on the BeagleBone Black by connecting an external USB charger or connect it to your PC's USB port.
  6. The BeagleBone black's LEDs should start blinking.
  7. After 30 seconds, refresh the browser window listing the DHCP clients connected to your router. You should see the BeagleBone Black being listed.
  8. Copy the BeagleBone black's IP address from your router's web interface and paste this address into an SSH client such as Putty.
  9. Enter the username root. The password is not required -- i.e. it should be blank.

Part II. Downloading and running the Mako Server Tutorials

The following lists all commands required for disabling the default server, downloading the Mako Server, and starting the tutorials. You can either copy all of these commands and then paste all commands into the SSH Window (Putty) or follow the steps below that explains each of the commands required.

Click commands below, copy (CTRL-C), and insert into the Putty SSH window (Insert key):

systemctl disable bonescript.socket; systemctl disable bonescript.service; systemctl disable bonescript-autorun.service; systemctl stop bonescript.socket; systemctl stop bonescript.service; systemctl stop bonescript-autorun.service; cd; mkdir mako; cd mako; wget; tar xvzf mako.beagle.tar.gz; rm mako.beagle.tar.gz; ./

After some time, the Mako Server should start. Click 'yes' when prompted, open your browser and type the IP address of the BeagleBone Black into the browser address bar. You should see the Mako Server Tutorials. Use the Android Tutorial for mapping the WebDAV drive and running the Pac-Man game.

The following is an explanation of the above commands.

The Mako Server does not require the default web server ports 80 and 443 and can use alternate ports, however, it is easier to use the server if the default ports are available. The default server must be stopped in order to release the ports. The following "command set" permanently disables the server at startup and the next "command set" stops the currently running server.

systemctl disable bonescript.socket systemctl disable bonescript.service systemctl disable bonescript-autorun.service
systemctl stop bonescript.socket systemctl stop bonescript.service systemctl stop bonescript-autorun.service

The next set of commands downloads the Mako Server as explained at the top of this page and then starts the tutorials by running the script. ./ The next time you power on the board, simply run the script ./ in the mako sub directory.