Download Mako Server for LinkIt Smart 7688

The Mako Server for the LinkIt Smart 7688 enables developers to easily design advanced IoT solutions, and to run general websites on the LinkIt Smart 7688.

LinkIt Smart 7688 is a $13 computer that runs the OpenWrt Linux distribution. LinkIt Smart 7688 includes an MT7688AN SoC, 128MB RAM, 32MB flash, and WiFi. The device is equipped with a microSD slot, a micro-USB host port, and a micro-USB port for 5V power input.

Device Management with LinkIt Smart 7688
  1. Download the Mako Server for LinkIt Smart 7688 directly to your LinkIt Smart 7688 as follows:
  2. Unzip by running the command
    tar xvzf mako.MT7688.tar.gz
  3. Optionally copy the file mako and to /usr/bin/
    sudo cp mako /usr/bin/
  4. Read the getting started guide