Download Mako Server for Linux X86

The binaries have been compiled on Debian 7 and should function on most X86 based Linux distributions.

Install the server for Linux X32 or X64 and run the tutorials by copying the following and pasting the commands into a shell window:

wget; chmod +x; ./

Mako Server for 32 bit Linux

  1. Download the Mako Server for Linux x86 directly to your Linux computer as follows:
  2. Unzip by running the command
    tar xvzf mako.linux-x32.tar.gz
  3. Optionally copy the file mako and to /usr/bin/
    sudo cp mako /usr/bin/
  4. Read the getting started guide

Mako Server for 64 bit Linux

We also provide a pre-compiled 64 bit version.