About the Mako Server

The Mako Server is a free for non-commercial use use product provided by Real Time Logic. Contact Real Time Logic for commercial use. The Mako Server was derived from the Barracuda Embedded Application Server source code library, a product primarily designed for larger companies seeking royalty free licenses. As a benefit, the Mako Server offers its target market access to a product with capabilities normally only available to larger companies. Real Time Logic's core product, the Barracuda Application Server, is deployed in electronics controlling building automation, security access related products in airports, military control systems, printers, movie cameras, and so on.


Note: the Mako Server does not include any type of license management, but a license is required if the product is used for commercial use.

The Mako Server is free of charge for non-commercial or educational use.


See support options for details.

About Real Time Logic

Real Time Logic's main office is located in Southern California. See Real Time Logic's about page for contact information.