Mako Server for Mitsubishi Electric's C Controller

The Mako Server is available for Mitsubishi Electric's C Controller. The C Controller lets C and C++ developers easily design industrial controller systems; however, since the C Controller includes the Mako Server, developers can also design industrial controller systems using the Lua programming language. Mitsubishi Electric's C Controller provides CPU solutions for: PLCs, process controls, robotics, NC controls, and embedded personal computer controls.

The C Controller runs the VxWorks real time operating system.

The Mako Server for VxWorks is based on the Barracuda App Server for VxWorks library.

Download Mako Server for VxWorks 7

The Mako Server for the C Controller includes all functionality found in the standard Mako Server. In addition, the C Controller's Mako Server is extended with additional Lua APIs, enabling Lua programmers to easily access the controller's IO units from Lua scripts. The Mako Server's socket library lets Lua developers work with protocols such as Profibus and Modbus.

Download Mitsubishi Electric's Mako Server brochure. PDF

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Beyond PLC

Programmable Logic Controller, or PLC for short, is an industrial computer designed to run specific tasks quickly and efficiently. A PLC's purpose is to automate processes such as: assembly lines, manufacturing cells, waste water treatment, material handling, mining operations, and so on. However, Mitsubishi's C Controller's purpose goes beyond traditional PLC use cases, letting computer programmers write custom applications for any type of hardware.