Mako Server Source Code

The Mako Server source code for POSIX based systems, such as Linux and OS X is available at SourceForge. The source code edition is released under the terms of a non-commercial license.

You may export the Mako Server source code from SourceForge as follows:

svn export svn:// MakoServer

SVN can be installed on a Linux system as follows:

sudo apt-get install subversion

Open the readme file MakoServer/README.txt for build instructions.

BarracudaDrive Source Code

BarracudaDrive, a personal cloud server letting anyone set up and operate their own secure file-sharing site, is available as a Mako Server plugin. Export the Mako Server and the plugins directory, including BarracudaDrive as follows:

svn export svn:// mako-src

Open plugins/BarracudaDrive/README.txt for build instructions.

Automatic compilation and installation

We also provide a script that downloads the code, compiles the code, and helps you install a fully functional BarracudaDrive Mako Server clone. The script is designed for native compilation. See the readme file for instructions on cross compilation.

wget;chmod +x;./

Click the above and copy the selected text to your clipboard. Paste the commands into a Linux shell. Note: the above builds for your native Linux platform. See the readme file for cross compilation options.