Modern Device Management using SMQ

Embedding Web Servers has been used as an easy to use device management solution for eons. If you are an embedded engineer, chances are that you have already worked on this type of technology and have an understanding of the HTTP protocol. Chances are that you have also worked on some of the newer technologies such as AJAX and REST. However, the traditional GET/POST and/or using AJAX for transferring data between the browser and device may not be the best option. Let's take a fresh look at web-based device management by using two modern technologies such as SMQ and Vue.js to create a system-wide reactive user interface.

The fact that SMQ provides a bi-directional communication channel between the browser and server immediately opens up some very interesting opportunities for web based device management applications. Because the connection is persistent, the embedded web server can now initiate communication with the browser. The embedded web server can send alerts, updates, notifications, etc.. This adds a whole new dimension to the types of web based device management applications that can be constructed.

Traditional embedded web device management applications operate by simply responding to user interactions. You click a button and this causes the browser to submit the data to the server. The server performs the command and responds with a new HTML page. This old technology works, but it is a very limiting model. You may have moved beyond the traditional GET/POST submit button concept and embraced Ajax and/or Rest. However, the fact remains that Ajax is still a one way asynchronous message sent from the browser to the server and any real-time updates you want to display in the browser require polling of server resources.

You may still think Ajax and Rest are the best technologies to use for device management; however, in point of fact, the entire Ajax protocol could be built using SMQ technology. This makes SMQs literally a superset of Ajax so it makes sense that we might abandon a limiting technology for a broader technology.

See the full tutorial for details: Modern Approach to Embedding a Web Server in a Device

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